It’s incredible how difficult it is to distinguish where I end and my children begin.

This mama bear thing is for real.

Maybe it’s unhealthy.  Maybe it’s perfectly natural.  Maybe those two are not mutually exclusive.

One of the worst things for a mom is having to watch her children fight a battle, even if it might be an inevitable battle.  And as a mom, you want to just jump in and fight that battle for them.  On a good day, though, when you have the presence of mind to do so, you let them fight on their own, and you learn and they learn what they can do.  But that time of waiting…watching them struggle…it’s heart-wrenching.  It’s like you feel 100% sadness, 100% hope, 100% anger, and 100% anxiety.

My baby.  Be strong.  And be vulnerable.  I’m here and I’ll be here when it’s done.

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