Closing Time


You ever experience those times when something disappointing happens and you feel yourself shutting down?  You want to bury your head in the sand?


Here comes that moment when you know
They will see you
They will choose you So
You can shine and glow

But there they go just walking by
Don’t turn your head
Don’t let them see you cry
Now how are you supposed to fly

Closing time
Shut the lights off, and leave that dime
Oh, solitude
Burrow deep with melancholy tunes
And keep that gem hidden in your messy room

You don’t think they’ll ever understand
That they won’t see you
They won’t take your hand
You’re not in their plans

What will you do? You lost your crown
Turn your head
Will you come around
Don’t live in the lost and found

Dust off the shelves
Put on your shoes
There’s so much left to do
Oh reach that call anew

You look for ones to watch with you
Oh, that broken heart it grew
You know he lived that too

Here is a different song to sing
Birthed from death and redemption
Broken hearts right again
That gem was dreamed and loved and givn

Closing time
Find the lights, and dust off that dime
Sweet solitude
Singing deep those melancholy tunes
And find that gem hidden in your messy room


© E. Debbie Lee


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