Finished. I think.  Here’s a rough recording with wrong lyrics and questionable tempo:

I thought my strength would be enough
That Might could get me through
The blinding winter’s view

I know that grace is still enough
But grace is hard to find
When comfort’s on the line

I’m underprepared
Over assigned
No beauty I see
No joy that is mine

Where is the one
Who’ll search for the weak
The drowned who won’t reach
The trapped who don’t flee

Should he appear from the left
Though I have favored my right
Is redemption enough
For all the detours I hide

My weakness wielding his grace
Bringing sense to this fight
Long days for earnest sights
Slow pay for endless nights
Welcoming beauty in death
When darkness meets light
When darkness meets light

© E. Debbie Lee



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  1. I like this so much. I like hearing the piano. I like the musical line. I like it all so much.



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  2. g2-8c7961f1c01dfc932f3743473729f7c1 January 25, 2017 — 1:09 am

    I listened, and read along…
    Lovely – Really quite relatable and honest….

    I am certain you would find this “ministers” to other people…
    When I use that phrase I think of the scene in TLTW&tW where Aslan instructs the women to “minister to” Lucy and Susan and the women take them off to the tent….

    Your honesty/vulnerability is a gift to others…

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  3. If i play guitar over this, can i send it back to you?


  4. Piano’s are hard to accompany with guitar sometimes, i didn’t balance the volume right but here’s a one take.


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