When you Google “calling in life”, you get about 415,000,000 results.  “Six steps to discover you passions in life”, “7 Questions to Help You Discover Your Life’s Calling”, “How to Tell the Difference Between Your Life’s Calling and a Whim”, etc.  Everyone seems to searching for something that goes beyond what currently is, including Oprah.  We all have a sense of discontent from time to time but there are moments or extended moments when you know something is not quite right.  I am in a very extended one of these moments.

I stepped down from ministry for several reasons, including wanting to spend more time with my boys.  That specific reason was what was announced to the church.  After my last Sunday service, a very emotional day for me, a woman from the church came up to me and said, “You know, your church needs you too.”  To be honest, I wanted to cry while punching her in the gut.

Is there room for people to have more than one calling?  If so, do they go into effect simultaneously?  In succession?  Does one end before another starts?  Or are there seasons that can overlap?  Can one make the other impossible?  Is motherhood always a calling?  I know there can’t be just ONE answer.  Are there any answers?

What biblical models do we have of moms who had a calling outside of birthing or caring for someone?

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